Last pizza

My favourite pizza place is shutting down

closeup of pepperoni pizza

When I first visited Ohio I really enjoyed the pizza from Primozz Pizza in Mentor. So much so that I wrote them a letter (this was late 90's, so no social media) when I got back to the UK.

They, surprisingly wrote back with a few FREE pizza coupons for my next visit.

After moving here I would order that over any other chain/local pizza. When they moved to a place with seating we enjoyed family dinners and birthdays there. Calzones, garlic bread, and their GG Ronis (a baked pasta dish with sausage in Vodka sauce), were delicious.

This week Julie noticed on Facebook that the owner was retiring after 30 years, and decided to close the business. So I drove to Mentor and picked up our last pizza, as well as some pepperoni & cheese rolls for the freezer. It was as good as I remember the first one being.

Here's to a happy retirement.