Post Pandemic Concerts?

Spending money in the hopes for a better Winter

Now I'm fully vaccinated, along with (currently) over 40% of the adult USA population, it seemed like a good to spend money on going to see a couple of concerts.

Now I'm hedging my bets here.

We've had the CDC update it's mask guidance for the fully vaccinated to resume activities without wearing masks or physically distancing..., and there's another 4 months until the first one, so we should be good.

Also, if the last year has beaten anything into us, time is short.


First concert is Dead Can Dance, in Akron. That's about an hour drive, so not that far.

I've been a fan since the 90's. I had a PenPal and we exchanged tapes of our favourite tracks. She'd included some DCD and I was hooked.

I missed out on seeing them in the UK over the years, so what better time than now.


The second concert is Genesis who will be playing Cleveland.

I last saw them live back in 1987, at Wembley Stadium, on the Invisible Touch tour. It was Summer, I was 18, and it was fantastic!

Now I'm taking my 17 year old son to clap, stomp, and sing-along.