Documenting food

Social media, but for what I ate

There used to be a few places where you could post photos, and rate, the food you ate. Evernote Food,, and Foodspotting were the one's I used.

None are around today.

I kinda miss them. In the 2010-2015 period we were spoiled for niches apps vying for users. In the end Pinterest, Yelp, and Instagram pretty much came out ahead for recipes, restaurants, and "food porn" respectively.

I, like most, used Instagram to catalog my gastronomic excursions later on. Most of these did get syndicated back to my old blog so at some point they'll end back here again. never offered an export when it closed, and Evernote Food entries are now just stored as regular notes in my Evernote. But I did manage to get an export of my old Foodspotting posts. So I've decided to add them here, under the original post dates. Just 3 at the moment, but more to come.