Things I want from The Division 3, part 2

Second part of my wishlist for a game franchise

Here's the second part of my wishlist for The Division 2. You can read part 1 to see the other changes.

screen shot of my character in The Division 2

Dark Zone

I am not a big PvP fan but, I don't want the Dark Zones to be solely tailored to a PvE audience.  One thing I really enjoyed about The Division 1 was entering the Dark Zone (solo or in a group) and having ways to hide, or avoid, Rogue Agents/Manhunts if I didn't want to PvP.

The cat and mouse aspect, part of the appeal and danger, has been completely stripped away. The three zones are smaller, only allowing for a reduced number of players in at a time. Think different

A contributing factor is the size of the three zones. But not in area. Volume is the key.  There is no real verticality to either of these zones. No sewers, no rooftop access. It's very flat. And yes there's an underground train yard in one, an elevated freeway section in another. But those don't really have any choke points or multiple exits like the underground system in the first one.


I grow really tired of hearing about using skills is lazy or has "killed" PvP. Newsflash! Your shield is a skill. Deflector/Repair drones are a skill. Pretty much the whole tiring meta at the moment is face tanking opposite shield builds with 1.7M+ armor and max crit chance/crit damage.

In the story there are EMP pulses that disable skills. Make the Occupied Dark Zones 'no skill' with these. You want pure DPS matches? Fine. No shield, no healing, no seeker mines. Just you, armor, and weapons.


Another discarded part of the gameplay was the DZ Perks.  After unlocking the 3 zones as part of the story we had access to a tree with different perks. These would help/hinder depending if you went "Rogue". This tree was meager to start with, but gutted when the DZ's were overhauled. As you can see there's very little options to choose from.  Another mechanic I would like to see expanded and maybe have change depending on seasons, etc.

screen shot Dark Zone perk tree in The Division 2

Specialization Weapons

Each specialization comes with its own weapon. You only get ammo for it by doing things specific for that specialization. Problem is the weapons aren't that special. For example, a .50 cal sniper rifle that ends up doing less damage than most handguns against enemies, especially 'named' bosses.

I would love to see these completely overpowered, but reduce the ammo you have. Make the post-collapse scarcity a thing. Hoard your ammo and save it for that one big encounter. Make it a something to grind for, only if, it can 1 or 2-shot a boss in solo play. Scaling with group play.

Outside the game

Loot, and its management has always been a sticking point for this franchise. I would really like to see an official app, and 3rd-party access for website to manage loot. Destiny and Call Of Duty have both had success with this.