Things I want from The Division 3

Wishlist for a game franchise

It seems we may be entering the last throws of The Division 2. A franchise I've enjoyed playing for years now. Last year we saw fewer familiar faces on the 'Sate of the game' streams. Red Storm's Terry Spier tweeted he no longer worked on it, and we just got an Optimization Station - Something came into the first game at it's end.

screenshot of my character in The Division 2

Wether or not there's an actual Division 3, or they go the route Bungie took for Destiny 2, here's part 1 of things I'd like to see. These are all based on existing game items/mechanics/storylines.


Personally I love apparel, gear dyes, weapon skins, and vanity mods. Anything that makes the grind a little more fruitful.

After 2 years we still don't have vanity mods for the hive, pulse, or chem launcher. We only have one for each of the remaining original skills and...the ones we do have for the shield and drone are, shall we say, lacking.

Have some new ones available for a short-period in game (see Fetch Quests section) and then lock for purchase in the store. These can be tied to seasons, events, or factions.

I have over 400 apparel cache keys I can't do anything with. I keep getting them awarded to me in-game, but haven't had anything to use them on in over a year. Same with the 4 Legacy Apparel Cache keys sitting there doing nothing. How about letting me trade them (for an exchange rate) to weapon or event caches? Same goes for the 25k+ Textiles that I've accrued, but provided very little to buy with them.

Commendation badges could also be something expanded past what we have.

Health/Hazard Protection

Currently Health means very little in the game.  There are gear sets and mods that give you extra health, but the only time that could possibly help is if the opposing player runs out of ammo and you can get behind cover while they swap weapons. This rarely happens.

I would like to see certain status effects (bleed, fire, shock) bypass armor and work solely against your health pool. Having 1M+ armor shouldn't stop me bleeding out. It would encourage the use of these gear sets & mods and make health something you need to worry about.

This would work the same against players and AI characters.

Fetch Quests

In the story we have to help 2 settlements get back up and running. After that they are nothing more than vendor stops every Tuesday.

I would love to see more weekly side missions to help gather resources. Find missing people. Have each settlement give you daily/weekly bounties. Lock named item caches, gear dyes, vanity mods  behind them.