New Years Day

First day is a soggy mess

The ground was hard and covered with frost this morning. Virtually all the Xmas snow had dissapeared yesterday.

Then, around midday it started raining. And it kept raining. The dogs seemed in a perpetual state of damp. A small pond forming behind our garden. The bottom of the steps looking more like The Somme every passing hour.

One could see that as a world washing this last year off itself.

rainy street at night, taken inside a car

I went out to collect Chinese food for dinner. Josh & I had sweet & sour pork, as you're not supposed to eat chicken on the first day.

I played a little Destiny 2, read a little, closed down my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and listened to some of my recent music purchases. Did a little housekeeping in 1Password. Deleted vaults from previous companies I worked at. Removed sites that no longer exist, and cleaned up a few of those weak and repeated passwords.

A little laundry. A little tidying. A day of "pottering". A glimpse in the coming months activities maybe.