Music finds of 2020

List of albums I've bought in 2020

This is not a top  10, list of faves, or anything like that. Just a list of the albums I've bought while getting through this year. Some of these came out decades ago. Some I'd owned on vinyl and never replaced when I moved to the States.

I may more on some of these, but for now (in no particular order) here goes:

  • Inner Song, by Kelly Lee Owens
  • Coronation Albums , by Georg Friedrich Händel
  • Blue Hills, by Jonnine
  • Sign, by Autechre
  • Cyberpunk 2077 OST, by Various Artists
  • Welkin Paths, by Off Land
  • A Clear Horizon, by Motionfield
  • Compendium, by In Gowan Ring
  • Nagual 5, by Various Artists
  • Essential Squeeze, by Squeeze
  • Miss Anthropocene, by Grimes
  • Sleep, by Max Richter
  • Queen II, by Queen
  • The Spiritual Kitchen of Pop, by 4T Thieves
  • Night Hawk, by Coleman Hawkins
  • At Ease With Coleman Hawkins, by Coleman Hawkins
  • Wa-Do-Dem, by Eek-A-Mouse
  • Lessening, by Ralph Kinsella
  • Runaljod - Yggdrasil, by Wardruna
  • Designer, by Aldous Harding
  • You Only Live Twice OST, by John Barry
  • Dead Magic, by Anna Von Hausswolff
  • New Trick (EP), by Skating Polly
  • The Make It All Show, by Skating Polly
  • Inland, by Tetsu Inoue
  • Slow and Low, by Tetsu Inoue
  • Repurpose, by Woob
  • Blue Sun Daydream, by Elijah Knutsen
  • A Secret Wish, by Propaganda
  • ilcsepop, by Saul Stokes
  • Bags & Trane, by Milt Jackson & John Coltrane
  • The Lark Ascending, by Vaughan Williams
  • Möbius Strip, by Ken Ishii
  • The Collection 1977-1982, by The Stranglers
  • Stator, by Biosphere
  • Bloodmoon Rising, by Steve Roach
  • Toll, by Kemper Norton
  • Slow Walking, by Moss Covered Technology
  • Stasis Sounds For Long-Distance Space Travel, by 36 & zakè
  • Abolition of The Royal Familia, by The orb
  • Ghosts V and VI, by Nine Inch Nails
  • Aporia, by Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams

Boy that's a lot. A surprise for me was how much was vocal. The past few years I've been more and more just instrumental albums, but this year some (literal) new voices have crept in.