Website updates

I've been tinkering

Decided to do a little cleaning to this site.


I kept Calistoga as the heading and "title" font. I still like the rounded and heavy-ish look of it. The body font is now Atkinson Hyperlegible Font. A new font that...

focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability.

It has a clean look that I think pairs well with Calistoga. I host it on this site, so one less external call. And I think the '0' looks cool.


I tweaked the gray I was using for the headings. Now #5f525d is a little darker and meets WCAG 2 - Level AAA for contrast. Main font colour is #2e2e2e which also meets that level.

Added a white background to the blockquotes, along with a coloured left-border.

Added a yellow background to the strong element.


Not much here. Added more space between the meta section entries. This may change agains as I look at the vertical height used across the site.


Reverted back to adding a date in the front matter of each file. While this means posted date being a day off, due to the UTC and Eleventy, I'd rather that than every post created date being changed to the same date.

Raymond Camden posted about this and more on his blog which touches on this and other issues.