Where have all the websites gone?

Very few keep up their own sites.

I'm going through the accounts I follow on Twitter and Instagram, looking for URLs.

There aren't many. Hardly any list a website in the bio, even companies. When there is one, it's very rarely a blog.

A trend (for companies) is to use other third-party sites, like Linktree. Nothing more than a page with links to your other social presences, sales, etc.

You could do this on your own site, but I guess $6 a month to funnel your traffic through someone else's product solves a problem for some people.

Companies aside, when there is a site in people's bio some don't have RSS feeds. Some are years out-of-date. Some domains have expired.

It's a shame that everything is poured into these silos. That there's still a perceived barrier of complexity to having your own site.

When exporting my data from Twitter they start with the line...

You can request a ZIP file with an archive of the data we think is most important to you.

(emphasis mine)

So I'm not going to get everything anymore. Another reason I'm searching for those links.