First day playing Cyberpunk 2077

It's not all roses in Night City

After a full day of playing I can honestly say I'm really enjoying this game. There's a lot here, but it's not all good. There's a lot of bad too.

The good

The story has pulled me in. Reminding me a lot of the original role-plying game. There's a lot of name drops I remember from the lore books too. They have captured the look and feel wonderfully well. A mix of that synth-wave retro future of "jacking in to the net".

The world feels huge. Just looking around as an NPC drives you from a-to-b lets you drink it all in. The freedom of movement to go, and do, pretty much anything is fantastic.

Messages, phones calls, and emails continually come in regardless of what you're engaged in. The city feels populated and lived in.

Trying to hack an air conditioner, so you can disable cameras, in the middle of a firefight is nerve-wracking.

I collect everything but have yet to truly grasp what to hold onto, sell, or deconstruct.

The skill tree is massive and really brings back memories of second-guessing if your spending XP in the right place to improve your character.

The bad

The graphics! Oh my. They are not good.

screenshot showing Johnny Silverhand in a diner

This game has been in development for about 8 years. It was targeted at the current generation of consoles. It was announced at E3 2018 (primarily an Xbox event). And yet the graphics look blurry and "muddy". Textures fail to render. Details are completely lost when you walk up close to signs and interfaces.

Some of the visual settings you can turn off, like film grain, makes this a little better but not much.

Destiny 2 and The Division 2 have been out a couple of years now and have a lot better graphics than this. Cyberpunk looks like an upscaled port from an older system sometimes.

I have also experienced three full crashes taking me back to the Xbox dashboard. Thankfully the saves points have been where I didn't have to replay too much.

Objects seem to get left in your way. I couldn't exit a room to proceed because a suitcase we carried in, appeared in the middle of the door blocking me.

screenshot showing suitcase blocking door

I really hope there are some upcoming patches that improve these issues.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes. 100%.

Should you get it? Well, if you haven't already I would wait. Especially on a console.