It's finally here

How excited? Cyberpunk excited!

Today is December 9th. Tomorrow the new game by CD Project Red, Cyberpunk 2077, will be released.

I am super excited about this.

I used to run campaigns for the paper-and-pen RPG, Cyberpunk 2020, back in the 90's .

Remember when 2020 was the future? Like Bladerunner's title card setting it in 2019! Sheesh.

But back to the game. I devoured the lore around Night City. How it weaved elements from by Neal Stephenson and William Gibson's work, the aforementioned Bladerunner, Manga, as well as the "noir" settings from other films & literature.

I would use early DTP software to create a "newspaper". Hiding clues in there for the players to read whilst playing.Β  All to the backdrop of music from NIN, Brian Eno, AKIRA and Ghost In The Shell soundtracks.

Fast forward about 30 years and I'll be diving back into Night City once again.

Though the ads make it look like a non-stop looter-shooter, the bulk of actual gameplay I've seen is very much in the decision tree dialogue camp. Being presented with multiple options every interaction, with combat playing a small part of that.Β  I am completely onboard with this.

I did pre-order this on Amazon. Took advantage of a deal to get the case, stickers, map, and soundtrack. But because of the delays in it's release I wouldn't end up getting that until Xmas Day and I couldn't change it to a digital only code because of the bundle price. So I cancelled and went with the straight digital download from Xbox.

I took tomorrow and Friday off work. I may be gone for some time Chombatta.