2020-11-25 retro

A mixed bag this week

Weather and mood getting grayer by the day as we head into the clutches of Winter.

This report of a mysterious metal monolith spotted by scientist in a helicopter, brightened my day. An art piece maybe? Practical joke or left-overs of a photo shoot?

The Braille Institute has released (for free) Atkinson Hyperlegible font aimed at "Improve legibility and readability for low vision readers". I may try it out on this blog for a while.

Chatting at work we lamented the rise of the overtly boxy design thats crept in as defacto for websites currently. I have fond memories of waiting for sites like The Urban Diary to slowly load via my modem. Never knowing what I'd find had a certain appeal.

Thoroughly enjoyed watching '23 Frames: A visual journey through the work of Edgar Wright' (via Vimeo) as part of the 2020 Belfast Film Festival. I could listen to these two talk about film for hours.

Edgar Wright and Mark Cousins laughing

I was supposed to be playing Cyberpunk 2077, but it got delayed yet again.