Google is losing me, day by day

Colour me unimpressed

I've been an ardent fan of Google products from the get-go. Β I've always preferred their mobile OS over Apples, owning both Nexus and Pixel phones throughout the years.

The Nexus 7 tablet was, hands-down, the device I enjoyed using most out of everything I've used.

Gmail and its suite of software just works. YouTube and Google Play Music were fun.

Launching games on Xbox, watching video (Chromecast), or playing my music library through the Google Home Mini, by talking - Fantastic!

I wanted a Google Home Max, and was getting very excited to see the new version launching soon, but no more.


When my Nexus 7 died, they was no new line to replace it. Google left the tablet market.

The Pixel 2 phone lost the wireless charging I loved in the Nexus line.

Task app doesn't do half of what most other apps (Wunderlist, Remember the milk) did, making it worthless.

Gmail hasn't seen any love in ages. YouTube is now an advertising platform, and Google Play Music had a stake driven through its heart in the form of YouTube Music.

With that, I recently transferred my music collection over to YTM only to find I can't play it through my Google Home Mini unless I buy a subscription!

screenshot of YouTube Premium option

What incentive do I have to purchase a $300+ max speaker from them now?

You're old and cheap

Won't argue there. Yes, I am older. Yes, I don't like paying for things I don't have to. But here's the thing - I happily pay for quite a lot of things that replace "FREE" services from Google, because they are better.

Hey is the new email service from Basecamp. I pay for it.

1password, Pocket Cast, Flickr, and Instapaper are services/apps bought rather than using the free alternative.

99% of my music is purchased either digitally, or ripped from CDs I bought ages ago. I don't use streaming services, so paying to bury my music collection in one with a load of ads doesn't make sense.

The thought of the verbal gymnastics I'd have to use to get anything played from 'my library' in YouTube Music is a non-starter.

Also paying an extra monthly fee for the ability to stream music I own, to a device I own, via a WiFi connection I own is ludicrous.