2020-05-09 retro

A mixed bag this week

Grief, time is dragging into itself.

This week our new fridge decided to stop working. Had to throw out 2 weeks worth of food. Managed to get through to Frigidaire, after calling multiple times, who sent out an engineer the next day. Found the connector to the compressor hadn't been pushed in all the way when it was built (I assume). Had been cutting in & out this whole time.

Still waiting for:

  • $600 from Cigna to come through as a refund for having to buy a prescription while waiting for COBRA to kick in
  • $50 food loss compensation card from Frigidaire
  • any money to be paid by ODJFS for being unemployed the previous 4 weeks

Mentally preparing for the "second wave" of this pandemic to hit, thanks to the selfish who insist on protesting en masse rather than follow guidelines. Because being asked to wear a mask and not gather in groups is (in their words) "tyrannical". People are the worst sometimes.

On the plus side, diving into the new job has been great. Meeting (virtually) a lot of the teams and getting to understand the company and goals.

Bandcamp waived its commission on all sales, so 100% went to the artist. I dipped in and grabbed a couple of items from my wishlist:

  • Adrift by loscil
  • Faults, Coasts, Lines by loscil
  • Abolition of The Royal Familia by The Orb
  • Stasis Sounds For Long-Distanceby 36 & zakรจ
  • Field Tangents by Off Land
  • Toll by Kemper Norton
  • Slow Walking by Moss Covered Technology

All of these have been added to my iPod.

Bring on the next week.