2020-04-16 retro

Look back at fragments of the day

A day without interviews.

Found out my last paycheck won't include the severance money. Instead will only be for 3 days worked and any accrued vacation days. Severance not coming until May 1st.

Having no health insurance kinda sucks

  • Paid $400+ for medicine to prevent blood clots
  • Paid $600+ as a COBRA payment to reinstate coverage for a month (next month it's $2000+) so we can claim some of that back.
  • When I get another job it'll be another 30 odd days before I'm covered by that company plan.

I miss the NHS.

With neither of us employed, and no unemployment payments being processed, I applied on Healthcare.gov to see if we can get coverage there.

Also had to buy a new fridge/freezer as our decided to break down this week.

By the way. Did I mention there's a pandemic going on too?