Living in a Pandemic

The reality of our globally connected just-in-time world is biting us in the arse.

Since Coronavirus (COVID-19) was officially declared a pandemic by World Health Organization things have been getting serious, and weird, quick.

About a week ago our local Aldi had run out of white bread, bottled water, dried pasta, toilet paper, and chicken within 2 hours of them opening. Other large chain stores closed for restocking where they'd normally be open 24 hours.

Schools shut for Spring Break early, opting for a form of remote learning for the remainder. Work from home is being trialed, or mandated, for most office workers.

Only today:

The phrases 'social distancing' and 'self-isolation' are common place.

We've stocked up on some things. Limit our exposure to others. Follow the guidlines of handwashing, etc. Check in our our family and friends through phone & video chat.

Now we wait as cases appear close to us.