London Road

This tarmac ribbon keeps tugging at my memories.

I've traveled down London Road more times that I could remember. The main way to get from Benfleet to Southend.

Bus, taxi, car, even by foot.

In the back of my sister's car I look out at the passing buildings. Surprisingly some business are still here, in the same buildings as when I looked out of bus windows during my daily commute 30 years ago.

Other buildings are are completely new. 3-storey's of glass & metal sprout fully-formed. My memory fails me as to to what was there originally.

Some empty, hoping for another chance after the pandemic.

I'm gobsmacked how many cars are just inches away. Parked either side as we make our way. I've been conditioned to the wide US roads. Built to accommodate vehicles.

This tarmac ribbon keeps tugging at my memories.

And then we're off down a side road. Only a few minutes to my Mum and I'm wrenched back to the reason why I'm here.