Problems with Eleventy pagination

Showing the last 3 posts is causing extra folders to be created and I don't know why.

Everytime I ran a build I started to notice extra folders being written in the _site folder. These were named 1, 2, 3, etc. Inside was a copy of the index.html file - Weird.

I am up to 6. I normally just delete them but they'd always came back. I did some searching of the usual places for answers but nothing turned up.

Logging back into Twitter I posted a cry for help and, lo & behold, an answer from "the creator" himself.

Sounds like a pagination template to me!


A lot of me getting this Eleventy blog off the ground was cribbing from other peoples posts and tutorials. I wasn't aware of using any particular pagination templates for generating pages but I did have something in the frontmatter of the home page that showed the last 3 posts.

  size: 3
  reverse: true
  alias: posts

Stopping the server, removing this, deleting the extra folders from _site, and restarting solved the problem. No more extra folders.

Also meant not showing the last three posts on the home page either.

I then tried using a different way to show these with this code.

<div class="wrapper-tiles">
{\%- for post in | reverse -%\}
  <div class="tile">
			<div class="tile-head txt-center">
			<time datetime="2024-05-16T23:44:32.929Z">May 16, 2024</time>
		<div class="tile-body">
		<p><a href="." title=""></a></p>
		<p class="snippet hide-sml"></p>
{\%- endfor -%\}

But that lists every post, and I haven't figured out a way to limit it to only the last 3.

So, I've added back the pagination to the frontmatter and added this to my clean-up list for 2020.