Departmental cooking

Cooking our own lunch

As with most companies, I imagine, we'd went for our departmental Xmas lunch. But this was a bit different for me.

Out in Chesterland is the The Loretta Paganini School of Cooking. Today we were to cook a 3-course meal of Caprese Salad with Balsamic Drizzle, Homemade Pasta with vegetables topped with Chicken Scallopine in Lemon Caper Sauce, and ending with a Peach Cobbler & ice-cream.

teams cooking in professional kitchen

After being introduced to our instructors we split into groups. Each handling a certain part of the meal. I was in 'Team Chicken'. 3 of us trimmed, cut, and smashed chicken into thin pieces. Then dredged them in seasoned flour.

The other 3 prepped vegetables and roasted them for our vegetarians. We all took turns cooking the chicken in oil & butter, making the lemon and caper sauce, and finally adding the chicken back in the sauce.

The final dish - Chicken Scallopine in Lemon Caper Sauce on a bed of pasta and vegetables

It's always interesting seeing what, and how, other people work. I picked up a few tips from our great instructors, as well as getting to have some fun with my co-workers and eat a very delicious meal.