Declaring podcast bankruptcy

As with e-mail I've hit the tipping point where I can't possible listen to all the podcasts I subscribe to.

I can only listen to "conversational" podcasts when I'm either driving or doing nothing. That doesn't amount to a lot of time.

Daily time

During the day I'm either in meetings, or trying to get back into that 'flow state'. Neither of which let me drop in-and-out of narrative or conversation audio.

I do have some music podcasts which I'll keep for that time. Monday Graveyard, Ultima Thule, The Black Dog, and Echoes are a few.  These range from ambient to electronic dance with a little conversation between mixes.

Ones I'm having to let go are the long form conversations.  Now that, I guess, podcasts are "a thing" the length and advertising have increased. They aren't bad, and I'll miss them, but that's the problem right now-I'm missing them.

An ungodly amount

I currently have 58 episodes sitting in my queue. Most around 40-60 minutes in length. John Gruber's 2hr 45m episode will go unheard.

And they keeping piling in. Some have even ended and I haven't got around to hearing them all.  So I'm saying goodbye to:

I list them here in the hope I can pick them back up again. Who knows.

Now my list is down, and with the Xmas holidays coming up, I may actually catch up.