People are starting to want to own content again?

There seems to be a fair amount of chatter recently about hosting your own content again. This is a good thing.

Nathan Curtis tweeted out about how Medium is now changing their policy, and how it effects him...

Laura Kalbag wrote It’s Time to Get Personal where she looks at the wasteland of personal websites, that could start to become a lush community garden of shared thoughts.

Essentially it means when we are not paying for mainstream tech with money, we are paying for it with our privacy.

β€” Laura Kalbag, It’s Time to Get Personal

Even Jack Dorsey tweeted out that they are funding a team to develop something "new"...

...which of course led to a load of replies pointing out the already abundant ideas already in place on the web including Indieweb, ActivityPub, etc. Naturally blockchain got thrown around a lot too.

A great read was Anil Dash's β€œLink In Bio” is a slow knife where he lays out how Instagram (and other silo's) keep people in the walled garden by limiting the access to external content.

Maybe 2020 will see the rise of something federated and syndicated, yet personal.