Hypertext in my Markdown

Once again I think I've solved images not showing in the RSS feed

In my previous post about this I thought I'd solved it, but no.

Well now I really think I have, but it meant a slight template change as well as adding some HTML into my Markdown files.

In my layout-photo.njk file I had the following block

<div class="e-content">
	<p><img class="u-photo img-polaroid" src="'{'{ imgSRC }'}'" alt="'{'{ imgALT }'}'" width="500" height="500"></p>
	'{'{ content | safe }'}'

This would then pull the imgSRC and imgALT that I had in the post.md frontmatter when built. I think this is what was causing the images not to show.

Commenting out the <img> element in the template and moving that into the post actually seemed to cause the images to show up in my feed.

I'm not sure if pasting the HTML wholesale into the Markdown file is "right", but it seems to work.