Ambient music from an American painter

Empty City by Tor Lundvall

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Tor Lundvall
Empty City
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I can't remember when I first heard Tor Lundvall's work, but I've now got 3 of his albums I tend to play back-to-back. Out of the 3, Empty City is my favourite.

During the night trips, I'd stare out the window at abandoned factories, empty warehouses and other structures bathed in the dull orange or greenish glow of streetlights. I wanted to crawl into that hidden world.

β€” Tor Lundvall, Bandcamp

It's the kind of ambient music that mixes big spaces with intimate voices to create a definite mood. And it's equally great played in any season. It changes slightly if listening in Winter or Summer, but fits both.

Some of his later albums have a mix of instrumental and lyrical tracks.

Definitely worth checking out.