Handling broken links

Trying to help with what I broke

Deleting all of my existing content, and there was a lot, means I've left a lot of broken links in my wake. With something like Wordpress or Known this is handled for you as a 404 error, the server error code for missing files, will bring up a pre-built 404 page. Not so when rolling your own.

I found an article with steps to create one on the Eleventy site. Not too hard to implement, just means a little editing of my .htaccess file, and creating a new page to upload.

This should now be working.

I included an explanation of why the content someone was looking for may not be there, along with a link to the Wayback Machine which has snapshots of billions of web pages.

On December 2nd 2019 I deleted all my content, and started fresh. If you're following a link from elsewhere you can try the Wayback Machine which may have a copy.

You can also visit the home page to read anything new I've posted.

Hopefully that should be helpful.