Hello World

The TL;DR is I deleted all my content and built a new blog.

Call it a very hard reset, but I wanted to build something new. From the ground up.

All previous content has now been deleted from this server. I really don't know if I'll add it back.

What's under the hood?

I wanted to get out of my technology comfort zone. Use something I'm not familiar with. That's why I ended up using an SSG, or Static Site Generator in longhand. It builds everything locally, using Javascript (shudder), and you just FTP the flat files up to the server.

Sometimes, the old ways are the best.

β€” Moneypenny, Skyfall

Thanks to Chris for hearing me out when I wondered how hard is it really to build a CMS from scratch. And huge thanks to Bridget for guiding me through some potholes as she'd built her site using Eleventy too.

I'm sure there's a lot that may not work initially. I'm also sure there's a lot better ways of doing some of the workflow and code. But it's in a state where I feel "confident" putting it up. Let's see what breaks.

Social Media

12 years using Twitter, around 7 on Instagram, and I think I'm pretty much done with it at the moment. I haven't logged in or posted to either in 4 months, so I could leave them inactive, but closing them is starting to feel like the right thing to do.

I've already disconnected the apps & services to them. Also requested exports of my data.

I may just just use @davidmead and/or @davidjohnmead on Twitter as an alternative RSS feed - Just post links to the latest posts here.


I'm still a fan, and proponent, of the Indieweb. Just not sure how much of it I'll be adding/using here. See my previous statement about social media. I've added some of the basic microformats to my HTML templates, but that may be as far as it goes.

Going Forward

I'll do a write up of getting started with Eleventy soon. Maybe try for a post a day.

OK. I'm pushing this live. Hopefully the RSS feed is working.

Until next time.