Happy 40th 2000AD

40 years old today!

Growing up in England during the 70's it always seemed there were a ton of comics to read. The homegrown Whizzer & Chips, Dandy, The Beano, etc. Also a slew of US ones from Marvel and DC. But in 1977, when I was 8, something new dropped into my local newsagents - 2000AD.

This had the feel of something different. The art was more "realistic". Stories weren't the usual fare, no super heroes for one. Looking back it seemed almost subversive. It was a comic, but reading it gave me the same feeling as staying up watching TV past the watershed.

I was always excited opening the pages to see what crazy new story was being introduced or which of my favorite artists were illustrating Dredd; Dillon(RIP), Smith, Bolland. It was them who kept me drawing (I even got one published).

One of my 2000AD drawings

Every Xmas brought the guaranteed gift of the 2000AD Annual - Hardback and chock full of thrills. Every February bought the re-upping of my subscription. I collected 2000AD for a long time, and getting to know the writers & artists made it easy to drop back into comics years later when they published things such as V for Vendetta and Preacher, amongst others.

Being exposed to it from the beginning has spoiled me in a way. When I realize how vast an influence it's had on the people, stories and media that's came after. I find myself thinking, "Wasn't that a Future-Shock?", or "Bet they read Dredd as a kid too". I'm looking forward to watching the documentary Future Shock! that came out last year.

It's great to see it still going, thriving, and reaching a new audience.

Here's to another 40 years.