Future living

The digital circle on my wall tells me it's 75℉ outside. It's half way through October.

I don't need that to tell me though, as I look through the open windows I can see the trees are still green. Barely any Autumnal changes yet. I mowed the grass yesterday in shorts.

I have to go and buy a new microwave as this morning it shut itself off and flashed the code H98 to me. A quick search on my phone tells me that indicates a primary failure in the magnetron or inverter circuitry. Cheaper to buy a new one.

I live in a foreign country, working to make web-based tools better & easier for people to use. In the middle of a political landscape pulled from the pages of my favorite comic as a kid.

From 1970's Essex to 2010's Ohio.

The future isn't what it used to be Mr. Angel.