Going into @twitter post-only mode for a while.

I can't do it anymore. I need a personal break from Twitter.

Maybe it's the election, growing social tension, or just the echo chamber it's become but I need to take a breather. Unlike Facebook, I'm not closing down my account, just going into 'post-only' mode. Thanks to the Indieweb I can syndicate content from here to Twitter, have any replies fed back into my blog and reply accordingly.

Part of my dissatisfaction comes from the lack of user progress I've seen too.


Since Twitter capped it's API, killing 3rd-party app growth, the innovation slowed to a snails pace. It seems, from my POV, that features and tools were to be ways to service their business model - Shame they've never really had one. In the near decade I've been using Twitter I still cannot filter out posts including a word or phrase in the official Android app. Something 3rd-party apps had been doing for ages. Nor can I choose not to see re-tweets.

Show me less

Every time I dismiss the "While you were away" thing Twitter puts up, I get the "Show me less like this" message. Every time I click it. Every time I still see it. This would be better as a feature I could turn on/off in settings.


I get it. You need money, so you're selling ads. But what's with the inconsistency? Some weeks I'll see barely any. Other weeks it's every fourth post. Now I mark every one as 'offensive' because I'm such a "rebel".

Uninstalling the Twitter app

Going forward

I started this post on September 25th, procrastinating for a couple of weeks, but this mornings dip into my stream put the nail in the coffin. I've removed the app from my tablet and phone. I'll give it a month or so, then I'll try going back in.