Dangers for celebrities on Twitter

As we've seen technology such as blogging, social networks, and micro-blogging become a real option for marketers to "spread the word", the celebrity has started appearing online.

This instantaneous delivery can work wonders to promote a product or person but more and more I'm starting to hear rumblings of discontent from the "early adopters". This doesn't seem to stem from the fact that advertising is creeping into Twitter streams (we all knew it was just a matter of time) as most people who've been online for some time can sniff out the fake blogs or hyped tweets.

What's happening is some of the real celebrities are writing and putting their own thoughts out into the electronic ether - and "fans" are finding them dull or overbearing.

One celeb on Twitter I follow is Stephen Fry. To me he get's it, sending photos from his iPhone and following everyone who follows him. He fits in.

But my wife has recently stopped following someone she really liked (acting wise) because they turned out to be very "full-of-themselves" online. I too tried to follow someone I liked on-screen but found it was just too much. They just weren't interesting at all.

Now I'm not saying that every celeb is dull as dishwater, far from it. Just that they (and their marketing folks) should think twice about stepping out from behind the curtain. Dropping followers, or worse being blocked, could go to losing points both online and in "the real world".

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