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With the rumor mill humming with "all-you-can-hear iTunes for $130" I think NPR's announcement slipped under my radar.

NPR has implemented an API which will give you access to audio, text and images from their archive, dating back to 1995. Now a fair bit is still off-limits (Fresh Air, Radio Labs) probably due to it being owned by sources other than NPR, this is still a great for the web-troika crowd, where aggregation is the big thing.

  • Companies could search and re-publish stories that mention them
  • Organizations and causes have access to a wealth of relevant content that can be served up through widgets
  • Individuals could create their own RSS feeds

They seem to have some documentation covering their own NPRML, but they can also return RSS, JSON, etc. I'm looking forward to some of this great content resurfacing in the most unlikely of places.

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