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David Mead

Listened to the album, Anima

By Thom Yorke

New album from Thom Yorke, released today. Dark, woozy, and dreamlike. Hitting all I expect from this solo effort. Destined to e on heavy rotation for the coming weeks.

David Mead

Listened to the album, Hongkong

By Monolake

Bass-driven dance tracks from the 90's, with a smattering of sampled field recordings from Hong Kong. Good stuff.

David Mead

Listened to the album, The Senja Recordings

By Biosphere

Finally a new album from Biosphere. Over an hour of tracks recorded on the island of Senja, in the Artic circle.

Atmospheric, moody, electronics paint an journey through the landscape of this remote place. Mixing field recordings and pure synth sounds.


David Mead

Listened to the album, Nanotope

By Store

I can find virtually nothing about this German electronic band on the web now. Early 2000's electronic music.

David Mead

Listened to the album, this films crap lets slash the seats

By David Holmes

A fantastic album from the 90's, full of stomping tunes.

I remember being in The Sun Rooms (a bar in Southend, now closed) and hearing it being played and thinking "I need to find out who this is".

David Mead

Listened to the song, Felt

By Sounds From The Ground

New track taken for the album BINARY. Upstream Records release date 25th march 2019.

David Mead

Listened to the album, isn’t this dangerous?

By lefolk

Digging back into the netlabel days - This great release through the, much missed, Resting Bell label.

The description on the site sums it up perfectly...

A fading structure and slight beats in the back, layered with organic drones and soundcapes and melodic sprinkles, hisses and crackels on top.

There are still a lot to download from this defunct label. Well worth your time as the gems there are well worth it.

David Mead

Listened to the song, Firestarter

By The Prodigy

Today Keith Flint was found dead. He was only 49.

The Prodigy has been a major part of my music collection for years now. Growing up in Essex, and them being a "local band", they were always being played in my group of friends.

So sad.

David Mead

Listened to the song, Life's What You Make It

By Talk Talk

Today Mark Hollis died. He was 64.

Talk Talk was a staple for me through the 80's and this song, Life's What You Make It, stayed with me.  It's one of my all time favourites with it's pounding piano and Mark's vocals.

And the video is a classic.


David Mead

Listened to the album, cxvi

By Akira Rabelais

The wind is making the house creak, and pulls the empty branches against the grey sky, and this album is washing around me.

Lonesome piano notes, spoken word, washes of distant sounds. 4 tracks, each around 15 minutes or so.

I found this through AmbientBlog's review, from which I got a download code (Thank you!). Made me want to check out more from this artist.