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David Mead

Is @GooglePlayMusic letting out a death rattle?

1 min read

So @GooglePlayMusic has been showing signs of that, oh so worrying, Google product trait where small things start to not work properly.

Continual uploading

For sometime now the web interface keeps telling me there's one more song uploading. I have no idea what it is. I click on the icon, taking me to the 'recently uploaded' screen, to find everything there.

screenshot of Google Play upload icon

Incorrect artwork

When adding the last four free Underworld tracks, Google Play Music has given them all the same artwork, even though they each come with individual covers.  These covers can be seen when looking at the file locally, but in here they are all the same. Which brings me on to my thrid thing...

screenshot showing same artwork for 3 different music tracks

Cannot upload artwork

At some point Google Play Music lost the ability to upload cover art for tracks or albums. I can pick a new piece, but it never uploads. This means missing, or wrong, artwork can't be fixed.

screenshot showing cover art upload error

I moved away from using iTunes and an iPod quite some time ago, but that option may need to be dusted off (literally) again.

David Mead

Listened to the album, Departed Glories

By Biosphere

Dreamy, meloncholic, haunting.

I'm a big Biosphere fan, but this took me a couple of tries to get into.  Though similiar to some of his work, such as Shenzhou, it's still different from his normal output.

The more I listen the higher it climbs in my favourite albums list.

David Mead

David Mead

Listened to the album, Emotional Landscapes

By Erik Wøllo

David Mead

Listened to the song, Molehill

By Underworld

David Mead

Listened to the stream of Groove Salad on Soma FM

By Various

Working from home to some chill tunes.

David Mead

Listened to the album, Spleen and Ideal

By Dead Can Dance

Diving into this frigid Tuesday with some classic DCD.

David Mead

Listened to the soundtrack of Amélie

By Yann Tiersen

David Mead

David Mead

Listened to the song, Appleshine (film edit)

By Underworld

Appleshine is a free download, as part of thier 'Drift' experiment. Really like that Underworld do these creative projects every once and awhile, and this track is very good.