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At last. Injection #11 is here: http://www.comixology.com/Injection-11/digital-comic/471890

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Happy 40th @2000AD – 40 years old today!

Growing up in England during the 70’s it always seemed there were a ton of comics to read. The homegrown Whizzer & Chips, Dandy, The Beano, etc. Also a slew of US ones from Marvel and DC. But in 1977, when I was 8, something new dropped into my local newsagents – 2000AD.

This had the feel of something different. The art was more “realistic”. Stories weren’t the usual fare, no super heroes for one. Looking back it seemed almost subversive. It was a comic, but reading it gave me the same feeling as staying up watching TV past the watershed.

Judge Bradley
One of my 2000AD drawings
I was always excited opening the pages to see what crazy new story was being introduced or which of my favorite artists were illustrating Dredd; Dillon(RIP), Smith, Bolland. It was them who kept me drawing (I even got one published).

Every Xmas brought the guaranteed gift of the 2000AD Annual – Hardback and chock full of thrills. Every February bought the re-upping of my subscription.

I collected 2000AD for a long time, and getting to know the writers & artists made it easy to drop back into comics years later when they published things such as V for Vendetta and Preacher, amongst others.

Being exposed to it from the beginning has spoiled me in a way. When I realize how vast an influence it’s had on the people, stories and media that’s came after. I find myself thinking, “Wasn’t that Future-Shock?”, or “Bet they read Dredd as a kid too”. I’m looking forward to watching the documentary Future Shock! that came out last year.

It’s great to see it still going, thriving, and reaching a new audience.

Here’s to another 40 years.


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Thanks for the update. I’d be happy to beta test when its ready 🙂
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@adactio’s teaching gig sounds wonderful

@adactio‘s teaching a masterclass on progressive enhancement in Porto (which looks lovely), and it sounds exactly like the kind of class I would’ve loved. Trouble being there were no classes back when I, we, were starting out. View source was your tutor.

Jeremy is a great presenter and he’s recapping the classes over at his site. I just love his approach on day two, for CSS…

So instead of diving straight into stylesheets, we first looked at the history of visual design: cave paintings, hieroglyphs, illuminated manuscripts, the printing press, the Swiss school …all of them examples of media where the designer knows where the “edges” of the canvas lie. Not so with the web.

I recommend checking out his latest work, Resilient Web Design, too.

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Pulling the plug on @tumblr, and why is @feedly so hard to use?

I’ve now unfollowed everyone on Tumblr. It’s been turning into a dust bowl for me, people I followed haven’t been posting in years. Since the ads made the app annoying for me to use, I’ve never visit the site, it was time.

My follow list don’t use tumblr

Anyone still posting (not just re-posting) was moved over to Feedly. All of my content has been imported to this blog months ago so, goodbye Tumblr.

Now. About Feedly. Why is it so obstructive to use?

I tried going through and weeding through my RSS feeds and basically had to give up.

There seems no way to see all your feeds in one place, and mange them accordingly. Everything has to be a “collection”. Those only show a few on the screen at any one time. So you have to keep expanding and collapsing boxes to make simple changes. It got to the point where I deleted everything (after an OPML export) and started fresh, but that hasn’t been much easier.

Have to change this manually for every feed I add :-/

Every feed has to be in a collection. So I ended up creating one collection called “feeds”, which now sits under their label, “feeds”. After searching and adding each one I have to individually edit them to make sure I’m seeing the latest, not latest & most popular.

I never care about most popular.

But at least now I can start trimming duplicates from Twitter as I head back down the RSS consumption path. If anyone has a good feedreader recommendation, please let me know.

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