SSL headache for my Indieweb logins

Adding an SSL to my domain has now presented me with a headache for my #indieweb logins.

One of the many great things about the Indieweb is that I can use my domain URL to log into and use different services. But now changing from http: to https: those services see that as a new URL.

Disabling the redirect in the .htaccess file only works for the root. Once I try to authenticate with the WordPress element we’re right back to using the secure URL.

Most of this problem is of my own creation. I don’t run WordPress for my whole site. Only the /blog part is WP as I wanted to retain a POSH homepage and be able to play around on the non-blog parts.

This means the URL I have to use is Not great as most things are geared around the root.

I think I’m just going to have to discard my old URL login and start anew with the secure one.

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