Visiting some old sounds

A recent thread on the ambient mailing list had me thinking about some old favourite albums from the 90’s.

Of course I still play some of them – Part of a playlist here, hopping in-and-out during the work day there. But I haven’t sat down with some them for years.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to do that. First out of the digital record box is ‘Polar Sequences‘ by H.I.A. & Biosphere.

I’d forgotten how big this sounds. The opener, ‘Cimerrian Shaft’, is 13 mins of building rhythmic machinery. Makes sense considering…

“The performances from which this recording is taken, took place on top of a mountain above Tromsø, in a cabin reached by the cable car, in which the audience were transported up the mountain in turn.”

‘Snapshot Survey’ and ‘Corona’ use sampled voices, lost in swirls of subtle electronics.

The other tracks (‘White Lightning’, ‘Countdown to Darkness’, and ‘Meltwater’) ebb & flow around you with a mixture of warm percussion and icy atmospheres.

This is from two artists excelling at their craft. I definitely recommend grabbing this.

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