Exciting things from IndieWeb Summit 2018 – IndieWeb Readers

This year’s IndieWeb Summit had some really exciting things, as usual, including IndieWeb Readers. One day I’ll make it out to one of these.

Tantek gave a good overview of what’s happened and what we can look forward to from the community. One of the biggest things that excited me was the readers. With this not only do we have a feed reader, but we can post replies, likes, etc. within that reader and have it syndicated.

I fumbled around and got it working this morning. Here’s the steps I took:

  1. Log on to Aperture, the server that handles MicroPub
  2. Copy and add the generated meta tag to my WordPress child-theme’s header
  3. Added a couple of feeds into Aperture
  4. Log on to Together, an web based reader. For some reason this took a couple of tries, but worked in the end

Now I can see posts from blogs/sites and if I want to like, share, bookmark, or reply to them I can and those will be posted back onto this blog as well as to the originators site.

As this is all new there’s still some wonkiness around the edges, naturally. There is an Android reader which I downloaded, but cannot get it to sign in.

Authentication failed: Status code: 401; message: {"error":"invalid code","error_description":"Invalid authorization code"}

Bulk importing my 400+ feeds from Feedreader isn’t an easy option at the moment. There’s also a few UI issues I bumped up against.

But the fact I got it all connected and using it in a matter of minutes speaks volumes to the great work everyone has put it.

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