Last.FM RSS feeds are back, sort of…

Last month I asked Last.FM is their RSS feeds were still broken. Needless to say I didn’t get a reply.
It’s a shame as I liked their service and have been using it since ’07 (I think). And I’m not the only one to bemoan the degradation of features since the re-design. During some Googling I came across a post by Appie Verschoor about Last.FM feeds. Appie decide to scrape the site and create RSS feeds for a users feed, and tracks they’d “loved”.
Taking this I was able to use WPeMatico and create posts from those entries, as I’ve done here for other services such as Foodspotting and Untappd, starting with getting all the original ones in RSS date order and then new ones going forward.
How I have a history of my “loved” tracks going back to 2008.
Thanks Appie.

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