Inbox by Gmail – First impressions

2014-10-24 22.55.20
Inbox by Gmail invite

So yes I bitched about not getting an invite for the shiny & new on Twitter. But lo and behold, couple of days later I got my ‘Inbox by Gmail‘ golden ticket.
The app install was nice and quick. I didn’t have to enter any details or log-in by the traditional means. It just asked which Gmail account I wanted to use and checked to see if the invite was in that account. When it was, I was in.

What is does…

It shares a lot with similar email management apps such as Boxer and Mailbox. Swiping for different actions, ‘snoozing’ the email until you are ready to look at, etc. New things are setting reminders, pinning your email, and pre-sorting to Gmail’s content detector.
I’m not a big fan of the content detector in Gmail (promos, social, etc.) so I disabled it in Gmail, but with Inbox it’s front and center.

What it doesn’t…

Inbox by Gmail doesn’t work with paid accounts, so I can’t use it on my work email. I know people who solely use this option feel left out, but I am sure it’s only a matter of time before that gets rolled out too.
Another thing I noticed is that there’s no delete functionality unless you open the email. I think this could be part of the “why delete, just archive” philosophy. One thing I liked in Boxer was the “long swipe” to delete.

Now on the web…

This morning I came in to find I could access Inbox through Chrome, instead of my normal Gmail. I like that it has a different URL and still “sits on top” of Gmail.
It follows the new material design rules, though it’s not responsive as the header features overlap each other when the browser window gets smaller.
Inbox by Gmail on web
So far so good. I’m taking off other mail apps while I try this out, as I’m getting 3-4 notifications per email.
And yes, as soon as I’m able, I’ll send invites to to the few that mentioned it if they didn’t get in already.