Double-edged sword of LinkedIn

Since having the meeting about being RIF‘d to my last official day at Progressive I’ve been using LinkedIn pretty heavily.
It’s been great to send an initial call out to all my connections, sharing my resume/profile and letting then know I was now looking for another opportunity. Also good for getting introductions to their connections too.
The one downside is seeing the profile views. That first week they skyrocket. And when you see someone you look up to in your industry view your LinkedIn profile, after emailing their company, you do that little intake of breath. “Really? They looked at me!”, then nothing. That’s when it starts getting a little depressing. The profile views drop after the first week or so and you’re back to chasing links.
But back on the plus side, I’ve had a fantastic amount of support, help, and encouragement from everyone I’ve connected with. You are all awesome.
I’m still looking for that company where I can call home. So if you are in need of a User Experience/Information Architect position, I can help.