I have a passing infatuation in all things EDC and minimalist, so when I saw the KeyDisk on Kickstarter it piqued my interest.
What you get
KeyDisk comes in its own pouch along with some spacer washers and upgraded screw components. Assembling it with the keys is a piece of cake. Just swap out the aluminum screws with the steel screws in there, add keys, then screw it back together. It can hold up to 6 keys.
KeyDisk with 3 keys
As we normally only drive one car during the weekend, I added a ring so it’d hang off my #4 S-Biner next to my car keys (easier to swap them out). The keys fold out easily and the KeyDisk fits nicely in my hand when in use. Light too, as it’s Aluminium.
I took this opportunity to look the keys I had; found one I don’t know what it’s to, and another one was a duplicate house key. Also I removed a couple of loyalty cards and put them into KeyRing to get rid of them.
You can buy KeyDisk direct from the makers, in 3 different colors. At the moment the sale price is $29.00, down from $35 (not including tax etc.).