Someday World by Eno/Hyde

Let’s start off by saying I’m a big fan of both Brian Eno and Karl Hyde. So when I saw they were collaborating on an album I wasn’t sure how to take it. Excited, naturally, but also a little hesitant.
Album cover
Well, after buying ‘Someday World‘ on Monday I’ve had it on heavy rotation and, I can say safely say all hesitancy melted away. I really like it.
Be warned though. This is definitely not “ambient” Eno. This is Brian in full pop mode, singing backup or lead on some tracks. And it’s not the Karl from Underworld here either.
Think ‘Another Day On Earth‘ meets ‘Edgeland‘.
Some stand out tracks for me are:

  • The Satellites – Great opening track with horns
  • A Man Wakes Up – Fast paced pop/rock song
  • Mother Of A Dog – Dreamy vocals from Hyde
  • When I Built This World – Reminds me a lot of ‘Nerve Net‘. Textured vocals from Eno

This certainly has a few rough edges and some tracks sound more like improvised ideas, but for me that’s a big draw. Especially from these two.
I really hope they collaborate again and keep pushing in new directions.
You can watch a film from the recording at the album’s website EnoHyde.