Day 1 – (Workshop) Service Design Making with Patrick Quattlebaum

Patrick works for Adaptive Path, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of their employees talks.

Patrick answering questions

As the walls were covered with butcher paper you knew we’d be getting our hands dirty with some exercises.  First he walked us through some examples. Going on a date night with his wife and the differences between using a cab or using Uber, and the choice of restaurant/food.

  • There’s a switch to servicing – 78% of the US GDP
  • Runs through Customer | Staff | Business

After the presentation piece we switched into hands-on exercises. Scenario was coming up with new ways for The Exploratorium to offer tailored outings:


  • Create common understanding
  • Inspire/Incite action
  • Communicate truth
  • Prototype the future


Using the printed storyboard we captured our individual ideas by noting down the ‘stage’ at which it’d take place, a description and simple storyboard panel sketch, as well as the channels that it’s come into play. Then all of these were put onto the wall, grouped by ‘stages’. We then presented these to the other groups.

Stories on butcher paper

Building Blocks

  • Key moments & interactions
  • Emotions & thoughts
  • Context!
  • Time

The next exercise was SERVICE STORMING! So after we chose an story card from each stage, we got to work through it by acting it out. Each one of chose different “roles” to play. These could be a visitor, employee, website, iPad, exhibit.

Service Encounters

  • Happens in real time at specific times & places
  • Subject to human emotion and variability
  • Mediated or augmented with other touchpoints

“It’s a way of working through problems/scenarios. Not a presentation vehicle.”

Acting out

After working through our choices we acted them out for everyone. Even though I’m a shy, reserved, Englishman I did find this a great way (in a small group) to work through problems; Even if saying “I’m an iPad app” out loud feels very strange 🙂

Service Blueprints

“How the backstage stuff works.” – “Services are process & experience based.”

  • Customer actions
  • Touchpoints
  • Staff actions
  • ——Line of visibility——
  • Backstage staff
  • Support processes
  • ————TIME————->

This was a great workshop and I would encourage you to attend it if Patrick puts it on again. Valuable in every project if you deal with anything that touches the servicing aspect of your client/company.

A book to look at “This is Service Design Thinking”. Also check out the companion website.

You can find Patrick’s presentation on SlideShare.

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