Recovering Ma.gnolia bookmarks with Flock

So as you may have heard the online bookmarking service, Ma.gnolia, suffered a catastrophic data loss recently. It’s been my service of choice for sometime and this came as a blow as now I am without my bookmarks.
Larry Halff, and the team, have done (I think) a sterling job communicating this to their users.  Putting up a message on the homepage, using their Twitter and Get Satisfaction accounts to keep people up-to-date as well as putting up recovery solutions as they emerge on
Now I said that I was without my bookmarks but that wasn’t entirely true.  On my work laptop I couldn’t access them through the web, but at home I use Flock and I noticed that they were still showing up in the URL bar when I started typing a URL and I could search through them in the favorites sidebar.  What gives?
I emailed Even at Flock and he suggested exporting the bookmarks – no dice. That just brough back the local bookmarks.  So I did a search locally for a URL which I knew was stored online.  After looking through the Users directory I found it sitting in a .JSON file.  It seems Flock makes back-ups of all of its bookmarks including the ones online.  This is how they were still present.
So as long as you are using Flock and have not told it to “forget” your Ma.gnolia account you should be able to do the following:

  1. Open Flock
  2. Click Favorites on the top bar
  3. Click Organize Favorites
  4. Choose Import & Backup
  5. Choose Backup

This should then prompt you were to save a .JSON file.  Name it accordingly and there you have it.  When opening it to check I got over 300 pages worth of this:
{“index”:18,”title”:”index.php”,”id”:730,”parent”:53,”dateAdded”:1226967686921600,”type”:”text/x-moz-place”,”uri”:”″},{“index”:19,”title”:”FireworksGuru Forum”,”id”:735,”parent”:53,”dateAdded”:1226967697832600,”type”:”text/x-moz-place”,”uri”:””}
So, you could use the online recovery tools, but I would have a go at this too. I can’t check if its everything, but at least you will have something locally just in case.
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2 Responses to “Recovering Ma.gnolia bookmarks with Flock”

  1. Chris Campbell February 5th, 2009 at 11:13 am
  2. Great tip, David. Thanks for posting this!
    And I’d like to echo your sentiment about Larry Halff and the Ma.gnolia team’s efforts. This is a nightmare scenario for them, but they have been very upfront about the ordeal and are obviously working hard to help users recover what data they can.

  3. Cibeles February 9th, 2009 at 1:48 am
  4. That’s such a terrific tip, and I hope more people had Flock and were using Flock as bookmarking tool for Magnolia so they can recovered what they lost.  I hope you have recovered if not all at least a significant part of them.
    Best of luck and best wishes.

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