Observations for those new to Twitter…

I just want to say up-front that this isn’t a “score big” on Twitter list.  Following these observations won’t get you automatically in the same league as Robert Scoble or Guy Kawasaki.  I just wanted to capture these and share.
Take them as you will.


If own or work for a business think and plan about going on to Twitter.  It can be a big win for you in regards to customer reach and transparency, but, it can also big a huge headache internally.  Depending how big a company you are, various departments including legal, sales, and customer service may all be touch points.

  • Secure a Twitter profile for your company name
  • Think about how employees are going to use it (@FirstnameCompany perhaps?)
  • Answer, in public. Even if it’s just to say someone will contact them – Then follow through, because if you don’t they’ll be twice as vocal
  • Listen. Listen. Then listen some more. Get a feeling of which of your customers are on Twitter and what they are saying.  Then start joining in
  • If you’ve set up an account just for customer service make sure the link in the profile points to your customer service page.
  • You did fill in your profile didn’t you?
  • Check your replies and direct messages as often as possible
  • Use the company logo as your profile picture
  • Set up an auto follow


If you are taking those tentative first steps don’t feel you have to follow everyone who follows you.  Some are people are just automated MLM’s, some, some are just boring.

  • It’s okay to un-follow someone
  • It’s okay to block someone (especially if they are automated marketing bots)
  • Post whenever and whatever – its not a blog, its a thought
  • Use the reply and direct message links more often
  • Check your replies tab. Someone may be there you aren’t following or is in a different time zone
  • Have fun
  • Set up your mobile phone on Twitter so you text message



  • tweet = a post to Twitter
  • RT = re-tweet, passing along someone else’s tweet
  • FTW = For The Win (very good)

I’m sure there’s other stuff but it’s late (early).  One last thing I’ve noticed is people adding a background graphic with their photo and a lot of URLs, such as blogs, email addresses etc. to their Twitter pages and I’m wondering why?  Its a serious question.  I just don’t get it.

  • No one can click on any of those links
  • You can’t copy & paste any of it
  • The background slides under the main timeline and obscures it
  • It won’t be indexed by Google, or anything else for that matter
  • Anyone using a desktop app or third-party aggregator to read tweets will never see it

See you on Twitter
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