The simple things in life – A bus ride…

Like most parents we have a reward chart for our son.  Do well in school or during the week and he gets a reward.  Most of the time we let Josh pick his own and when we asked him last week what he wanted, he replied…a bus ride.
Josh on the busSo Saturday morning, after checking the Laketran timetables online, Julie took us up to the stop (its snowing and very cold) and we got on board.
It’s funny because, I used to travel everywhere on the bus in England (I only learned to drive a few years before moving to the USA), and haven’t done much of that over here.
For Josh it was a BIG adventure! Having the bus all to ourselves, hearing the stops announced, and riding to the Mall in another town.  He took a couple of photos himself and thanked the bus driver a lot when we disembarked.
Adding to the excitement of the day he got to pick what he wanted for lunch (Subway).
He’s already said he wants to take another trip and I’m looking forward to Summer, when we can ride to The Captains for some baseball fun together.
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2 Responses to “The simple things in life – A bus ride…”

  1. jessie baginski January 20th, 2009 at 6:11 am
    Thanks for sharing your adventure! I hope others follow your lead and give transit a try to explore Lake County! Classic Park (on Rt 6) is a great destination, as is Lake Metroparks Fairport Harbor Beach (Rt 5). Rt 2 can take you to downtown Willoughby for a stop at Scooters ice cream or onto Mentor Ave for Putt-Putt Games and Golf! If you need more ideas, contact Julia or Jessie- we’ll help you plan your recreational outings on Laketran!

  2. David January 20th, 2009 at 7:22 am
    Thanks for the comments Jessie.
    I’ll be sure to let my son, Josh, know we can take the bus to some other places – especially for ice-cream

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