Finally listening to my iPod in the car…

Julie really out did herself on the gifts front this Xmas. One of the great ones she got me was the iTrip FM transmitter from Griffin.
She later told me she had phoned Apple and walked through what kind of iPod I have and what I wanted out of the connector, and they were very helpful.
This lead is a lot better than some of the others we’d borrowed as it connects straight to the docking port as opposed to the headphone socket.  This means that my iPod is charging whilst I’m driving.  Also, whatever I am listening to is paused as soon as I turn off the engine, and I’ve found it pushes out at a set volume so I can use the controls on the car stereo to adjust the levels, rather than fumbling for the iPod.
Although I now have a relatively short commute, I can get through some podcasts in the car and finish them in the office later on.
I’ve had no problems with interference using the preset FM frequency either.
All in all a fantastic gift and great product.
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