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David Mead

@TheDivisionGame - Another example of recalibration being confusing, frustrating, and useless

1 min read

I get a new chest piece (same brand & type that I already have) with better armor and health roles. So I want to move the 15% weapon from the old to the new - Nope. Gets capped at 12.5%.

So maybe I only have 12.5% of space on the new one to accept a red role - Nope. I can role 14.5% Critical Hit Damage onto it no problem.

screenshot showing red item being capped, while another is not, during recalibration

The whole "pie" analogy on this just doesn't hold up. Does the pie change size depending on the filling? Weapon damage takes up more space than Crit Hit Damage?

This is a huge part of why I don't try to update gear and end up trashing most of it. Whats the point? Does anyone have success at using the station to craft builds? Or is it just really relying on RNG?

Also posted on Reddit.