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David Mead

Recalibration in #TheDivision2 is still frustrating, and confusing to me

1 min read

Even after changes to the game, the rules for recalibrating items within the game still confuses me. Take something as simple as moving a better damage role from one pair of gloves to another.

screenshot from game showing items unable to be re-calibrated

Moving 12% Rifle damage from a pair of level 497 gloves to a pair of level 500 gloves caps it to 10%. Why? Neither items have been calibrated before. But if I want to move that 12% to a lower level pair of gloves, that have already been calibrated, then I get the whole 12%.

That seems nonsensical. And I know it's all to do with "the weight of certain things taking up more of the pool", but that makes it no less frustrating.

It also means I won't make that change and I have yet another level 500 item sitting unused in my cache. This repeatedly is why none of my builds are level 500 - I don't find it worth having lower amount attributes on higher level gear.

I realise it is a complex system, but that makes it no less frustrating for me as a player.