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David Mead

Relocation of Chipmunks

Relocation of Chipmunks

Looking out at the dog she was laying in one place for a long time. Unlike her, then I noticed. She had something in her mouth.

It took what felt like an age to get her to drop the, still alive, baby chipmunk. Securing her inside I looked around and there where 5 others huddled in a nest in the ground.

Packed tight and shivering. The rescued one did wander around after I returned it. We couldn't let Rosie back out so I grabbed them all, along with the remains of the nest, and relocated them to some local woodland. Looking online they seemed around 8 weeks old. I added some nuts and crackers to the box and set off.

I'm surprised they remained undiscovered this long. Hopefully they'll fair better there than in a garden with a 70lb Golden doodle.