Today alone I’ve had 56 comments, for various posts on this site, all spam. This is day 3 like this.

Now I know this isn’t a highly trafficked site and I do get waves of spam every now and again, but this is a little different.

Sure they’re easy to spot. The single sentence that has at least one word misspelled (on purpose) to make you think its not a bot. The content is the usual vague “great post, just waht i was looking for” which bears little or no connection to the post.

The odd thing is instead of the names being linked to, they are all linking to Facebook, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Apparently I’m not alone in this. Pyry Lehdonvirta blogged about the same thing in April.

Has the spam software blown a fuse as some commenter’s on Pyry’s site suggest, or is it more nefarious, using legitimate links to get the comment in. If so how does this help them? Maybe to just justify charging some poor sap for their “service”.

Anyone else found this a problem?

I haven’t posted for a while but that’s not to say activity around my blog has slowed. In fact, I think, its been the busiest ever these past couple of weeks.  I have to put this flurry down to whatever enterprising SEO company is posting comments such as KZJ Excellent weblog, thanks a great deal for your amazing posts! -QE…. on various posts I’ve written.

I’m averaging around 20-30 a day, all complete with links to some site or directory. I know its a company employing people (a good thing I suppose in these times) as I have a CAPTCHA in place, so its not automated.  I guess what I don’t get is why.

As much as I like to fool myself, this isn’t a highly trafficked blog. The spammers hit posts in batches regardless of Page Rank, I moderate the comments (you’d think they’d notice none of them have appeared yet), and as this is  WordPress blog all links in the comments are subject to rel=”nofollow”.

I guess being part of the “web community” for so many years I automatically assumed that customers would know that this type of “SEO” doesn’t work, and its practice was on the decline.   Reality is, the web is still new to millions and there’s a sucker born every minute.

Here’s a couple of quick tips for companies that want to get links into blogs and harness some of that “juice”.

  1. Engage in the conversation. Actually talk about the subject of the post.  You are more than likely to get the comment passed and  maybe even a mention in future post (with a link!)
  2. Design your site for people, not Search Engines

On the bright side it got me to post this and I know my ‘blog comments’  label in Gmail is still working. Now lets see what pithy comments I get from ‘SEO Company X’ about this one. 😉

So, I woke this morning to find my Gmail account had been sending out spam to everyone in my contacts list while I slept!

First, apologies to anyone that got hit. Second, how do I combat this?

Changing my Google password (which I did this morning) is really like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. I don’t think its anything on my laptop as I run anti-virus software and regular Spybot scans. Also nothing was sent from Thunderbird which I use locally.

How did “it” get access to my Gmail account? How does it run when its there? Is it Google’s fault?

We’ll have to start dealing with this kind of stuff more and more as we move into the cloud.  Can you trust the servers that your info is on? Do they run the latest anti-virus software, etc.?

Hopefully when I find out more about my current Gmail problem I’ll post here.